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Disputes regarding minor children and their custody and access are one of the most
psychologically draining aspects divorcing parents can experience. Parents are already very
emotional about the divorce and further uncertainty and confusion are increased ten-fold when
there are children involved.

Questions about who will be custodial parent, should custody be shared, and access and
visitation schedules are ongoing. The courts will always consider the best interests of the
children over the parents.

It is highly recommended that both parents attempt to create a mutually beneficial custody and
access agreement on their own with help from their respective lawyers.

When courts can see both parents working in the best interests of their minor children, the courts look more
favorably at accepting the terms of the agreement.

However, there are still times the courts do get involved and will issue a court ordered child
custody and access agreement. Even if you do not agree with the court, it is vital you follow the
current agreement and avoid breaching the terms.
When you breach the terms, or take matters in your hands, it can result in losing custody,
visitation rights, and other issues. It is equally essential you do not engage in activities that could
jeopardize your custody or access to your children.

Child Access and Child Custody Modifications

Modifications are quite common when there is a change in circumstances. If these changes could
have a negative impact on the child, courts tend to support the other parent’s request for a
modification to the original agreement, so long as they are in the best interests of the children.
Modifications can be requested for a variety of reasons and circumstances, including but not
limited to:

  • A change in a parent’s work schedule.

  • A parent needs to relocate out-of-town.

  • A parent develops a substance abuse problem.

  • There are signs of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse to the children.

  • There are signs of negligence.

  • A parent fails to ensure proper medical care of the children.

  • A parent restricts or denies the other parent access.

  • A parent is influencing the children in a negative manner to alienate the other parent.

  • A parent refuses to share important information about the children with the other parent,

 such as their whereabouts, well-being, or health.

  • A parent is making major decisions for the children without consulting with the other

parent when they have joint custody.

When to Contact Your Toronto Child Custody Lawyer

If you have issues regarding any of the aforementioned reasons for modification, you need to
contact a lawyer immediately. We at the Law Office of Dumo Siziba, will be able to assist you.

Parents are required to provide a stable
environment for their children, even if they are separated and divorced and regardless of the type
of custody and access agreement in place.
Your child custody and access lawyer can help you determine if a modification is required and
assist in the process. Additionally, anytime there are changes to either parents circumstances, it is
worth revisiting current access and custody arrangements.

If you have further questions about child custody or child access and requesting a modification to
a current agreement, please feel free to contact the Law Office of Dumo Siziba and schedule a
consultation today.

*The information on these pages do not constitute legal advise. Please contact me directly to receive legal advise regarding your specific issue. Thank You 

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